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Taskmaster Skillset: Trickster

For every Taskmaster Expert Skillset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Physique Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

Lie (See Stacked Abilities)

Slimy – Four times per day, where a Trickster is conscious and resisting, they may slip out of a contested Grapple scenario by calling “No Effect: Slimy” and must roleplay throwing the assailant off them. Slimy fails against an “Irresistible Grapple” call. Likewise, a Trickster can escape traps and bonds by using Slimy and notifying a Ref, the trap will still have triggered.

Pickpocket – Once per day, this skill allows you to thieve a pocket, bag or unlocked chest by placing a Trickster token into the targeted container without being noticed. Inform a referee of the use of the skill. You may name a sought IC object or commodity. If that item is present you have successfully stolen it. If no named item is present you receive one at random. If the trickster chooses or chances to steal food, they receive all available food tokens in that container. The Referee will hand you the items you have stolen, if any, after the encounter has taken place. You may pick up another pickpocket token from the GOD desk the following day.

Sure Bet – Once per game, the Trickster may use a Hidden Ace token in an In-Character bet or game in which they have a high, but not certain chance of losing, in order to automatically win. The game or bet must not be a foregone conclusion, and must be heavily reliant on chance. Sure Bet can be roleplayed as a successful attempt at cheating in a game or bet, or as a lucky play at the user’s discretion. The roleplay must be decisively one or the other, and the character cannot switch between the two. A Hidden Ace token must be used after the terms of the game or bet have been discussed or announced, but before the game or bet has reached completion, and before knowledge of certain defeat or victory has been gained. Ref presence is recommended. The subsequent roleplay must announce the character as the winner.