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Apprentice Skills: Loremaster

Whether an experienced creator or a wise purveyor of information, Loremasters can be relied upon to take the smart solution to any problem. These masters come in many forms, from Merchants to Bookkeepers, from people of science to politicians. Regularly they are the behind-the-scenes masterminds who orchestrate quests, or better yet, supply them. These smart fellows come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing can be said for sure; it is far better to have your wits about you, and have these talented individuals on your side, than it ever would be to bet against them. Most who do find a finely crafted dagger in the back, poison in their belly, or worse. 

(Skill-based only)

Advanced Literacy – The Character can read and write fluently in common tongue (OC: English, for the purposes of this game) and create and decipher texts that require Expert linguistics, such as: Research papers, Dossiers, Blueprints, Ritualised or Religious texts, Coded texts and Pact Documents. Advanced Literacy is needed to write and compile Dossiers, Blueprints, Ritualised or Religious texts, Coded texts and Pact Documents.

Cipher The Character can read the Cipher specific to their Land (information given as part of your Player Primer). If the character moves to a new Land during their lifetime, they must learn the Cipher for their new Land during play.

Insight (Once Per Day. Ref must be Present) Deep thinking and concentration leads the character to having an insight into a problem. This can be used to bolster a skill such as Codex, which might help to translate a specific letter in an untranslated alphabet, or it can be used to gain solutions to more general problems. 

Roleplay for this skill can include debate or conversation, or practising something that is related to the question you are trying to ask. The more relevant the type of roleplay, the more likely you are to receive a helpful answer. Solutions may not be immediate, and there might not be a solution at all depending on the question asked and the context with which the character is in. 

Quick Witted (Once per day) When working alone, a research session takes half the usual time.