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Whether raised by the sound or the roaring sea, or the great rumble of Earth beneath the stampede, Elementalists are one with their environment and surroundings. From the flow of pressure and wind down to the sparkling light reflected in dew-drops, all creation is yours to experience. Elementalists are specialists in using & manipulating the forces that govern the world, be it to harm or help. Many are skilled scouts, wisemen and warriors trusted by the will of nature itself. Elemental magics are won by pure instinct, and many are cultivated by spending long times amongst miasma and the wilderness beyond the safety of groups or cities.

Elemental spells cannot be used on the character casting them. This includes stacked spells such as Heal Wounds, Sustain and Mend. Elemental spells can be used on both objects and creatures, with the exception of the Life element which may only be used on creatures.

All elementalist magic spells are either: 

  • Touch based – Where the user has to be in contact with the spells intended target. This may need to be held for a duration to be effective. Non durative touch spells can have their spell vocals made, and can then have the call effect delivered via touch within 30 seconds of the initial spell vocal.
  • Infused – Where a caster can infuse their magic into a weapon for a short period of time.
  • Thrown – Where a spell ball must be thrown and connect with its intended target in order to work, using coloured throwing weapons provided by GOD. 

To use any thrown elemental spells, the target must be at least 5m away from the target for safety purposes. Please use common sense when throwing spells, and keep the force of the throw proportional to the distance from the target. 

It is assumed that unless a specific skill has been granted, the base amount of spell charges per day is 6. New spell charges at the beginning of the day must be collected from GOD. Elemental Magic spells must be dropped and left once used, unless a specific skill allows the retrieval of used Spells. Used spell balls will be collected by a ref or by monsters or players after an encounter. 

An example of a spell vocal could be:

  • ‘With flow of water I drench this creature so that the fire upon it may be extinguished, and it may return to health. PURIFY.’
  • ‘May you  gaze into the bright eye of the sun, so you may be hurt as ants are, under a looking glass! LIGHTSTRIKE!’
  • ‘Life flow through me and collect in my hand so I may steal away this creature’s life force and remove them from my sight. By my hands, death takes you. FATAL.’

Alternatively, the player can choose to use hand signs, movement, performative dancing or martial arts for the same duration to cast the spell. We recommend touch-based and verbal casting of spells in dark or crowded environments for safety and clarity purposes. All magic vocals and performances are expected to be at least 10 seconds long, and “strike” spells, or sustained spells like “Burn”, “Breathless” etc, must have longer, more flavourful Vocals and performances.