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Hierophant spells cannot be used on the character casting them. This includes stacked spells such as Heal Wounds, Sustain and Mend. 

All Hierophant magic spells are either: 

  • Touch based – Where the user has to be in contact with the spells intended target. 
  • Durative Touch based – Where a caster must remain in contact with the target for a period of time for the spell to be effective.
  • Ritual (see Stacked Abilities: Ritual for more information) Where a longer spell must be conducted, either singularly or as part of a group, using rites, rituals and performances that are more elaborate and specific to their object of worship, culture and character preference. All Hierophant spells can be cast as a Ritual unless otherwise stated.

It is assumed that unless a specific skill has been granted, the base amount of spell crystals per day is 6. New spell crystals at the beginning of the day must be collected from GOD. Rituals require all participants to expend a spell crystal each, unless led by a Priest using the Lead Ritual Spell. All Hierophant magics are based in faith and religion, and spell vocals have to use an aspect of faith, name a patron deity, or perform a rite of faith in order to cast the spell. Spell Crystals have to be expended in order to use spells from any Spellset. It is assumed that all Hierophant abilities are Spells, and can also be Ritual cast (See Stacked Abilities). 

An example of a Hierophant spell vocal could be:

  • ‘By Providence’s will, I shield you from the sight of all whom might seek you, may he protect your safety and anonymity! HIDE!’’
  • ‘Show them no light, hear them no sound, for the Stranger stalks. In her arms Death be found, long live you, away from her embrace. REGENERATION.’
  • ‘May your spirit be lifted from your body on the wings of great Tenghri, and may I enact Tenghri’s will and lead you on your way to meet the sky. SPIRIT PROJECTION.’

Alternatively, the player can choose to use hand signs, movement, performative dancing or martial arts for the same duration to cast the spell. This must be appropriate to the entity being worshipped. We recommend touch-based and verbal casting of spells in dark or crowded environments for safety and clarity purposes. All magic vocals and performances are expected to be at least 10 seconds long, and Durative touch spells necessitate more flavourful vocals and performances. When using Touch based spells, the spell vocals or actions can be performed, then the spell can be ‘held’ for up to thirty seconds before delivery via touch to the target. The name of the spell MUST be repeated upon touching the intended target, loudly and clearly.