You can get a pdf of the latest rules in use at Origin LRP games here. If you have any queries regarding the rules you can get in touch via our facebook page, discord or by emailing

Some general rules and advice to be aware of:

  • Everyone is at an event to enjoy themselves, don’t ruin someone elses fun for your own gain
  • Origin games encourage ‘hero’ or cinematic styles of fighting, that goes both for striking other players or monsters and taking blows with a visible effect
  • Characters at Origin games have hit point locations of which there are 6, head, torso, each arm and each leg, when a blow is received on a location in general that will deduct one ‘hit point’ from that location
  • Locations at zero hit points cannot be used, if this is a characters head and/or torso, that character is dying, see Character Generation and Standard Character Play in the rules for more information
  • Keep it light and safe, LARP weapons are built to hit people with but they can still hurt, pull your blows and be aware of your surroundings during any fight
  • Only LARP safe weapons, arrows and spell balls can be used at Origin games, these will be checked and if you are not sure if something is safe, don’t use it until it has been checked by an appropriate member of Origin staff