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Taskmaster Skillset: Surgeon

For every Taskmaster Expert Skillset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Physique Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

Heal Wounds (See Stacked Abilities) 

Stitch This skill enables the player to temporarily stabilise a Dying creature. After 20 seconds of roleplay, the surgeon will have performed rushed surgery in order to allow a Dying creature to survive. The target’s Death Count is frozen whilst the Stitch skill is being performed over 20 seconds, and resumes if the Stitch skill is interrupted before it is complete. Upon successful use of the skill, the target can then move and walk slowly, using support from another player. Their Death count is paused after a successful Stitch, and will remain paused until the target receives healing, the target uses a skill or spell, is damaged, or targeted by any other spell or skill, however they are still considered to be in the Dying state, and can be Executed. Stitch can also grant a single Hit Point back to all limb locations when a character is not on their Death Count. The target will not be able to fight with the limbs but will be able to perform gentle basic actions like walking.

Amputate – Once per day, using surgical roleplay, the character may spend 20 seconds using tools to remove a limb from an Unconscious, Grappled, Dying, Dead or Willing creature. This can be used on Monsters to debilitating effect. The player must announce to a ref their intention to use this skill on a monster, and must call “Amputate” once the 20 seconds of roleplay have elapsed. 

Iron Grip Twice per day, a surgeon may automatically succeed on a contested Grapple (see Grapple) by calling “Irresistible Grapple”. This only works on normal sized humanoids, and will succeed against any creatures with the “Slimy” skill.