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Elementalist Skillset: Fire

For every Elementalist Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Affinity Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

(Red/Orange Spell Balls)

Heat (Touch) Heats an object instantly. If concentrated on a touched arm, weapon or tool it will disarm the weapon user. This must be indicated in the spell vocals: Disarm: Heat.

If this spell is concentrated on a damaged limb, it can be used to return 1HP back to an arm or leg Location if that location was previously on 0 Hit Points. Spell vocals must be used to reflect the cauterising effects of the spell, and the target of the spell is required to roleplay significant pain. The spell cannot be used to stabilise a torso or head location at 0HP. This spell has no effect if the target has an affinity with fire, however items are still heated as normal. 

Mirage (Touch) The caster sends an illusory wall of fire after the target, making them retreat for 20 seconds. The call for the caster is “Mirage: Repel”. A fearful force pushes the targeted Player directly away from the caster for 30 paces, or 20 seconds, whichever comes first. The Character can speak haltingly under the effects of repel, but will be unable to use any spells, items and weapons or defend themselves.

Fire (Thrown, Infused or Touch based) After making the necessary spell vocals or performance, the spell can be cast one of 3 ways;

  • Thrown – The caster must use a thrown spell ball to cast their spell. The caster must be at least 3m away from their target. Upon a successful hit of any bodily location, the caster may call “Firestrike.” The target will be dealt 1 point of Fire damage to every location and be knocked prone. 
  • Touch – The caster must make the necessary spell performances or vocals, and within 30 seconds Touch the target on their head or chest. Upon a successful contact, the caster may call “Firestrike.” The target will be dealt 1 point of Fire damage to every location and be knocked prone. 
  • Infused – The caster may infuse a weapon with the spell. The next hit from that weapon will do “Fire” damage and deal one hit per location, plus an additional -1HP to the location struck upon the target creature (though it is not knocked prone). The weapon does not need to be wielded by the caster. A weapon cannot hold the charge longer than 3 minutes, and cannot hold multiple charges of the Fire spell. The caster may give the weapon user their spell ball to represent the element within their weapon, which must be dropped once the spell is used. If the weapon is parried the spell is expended without damage. 

Burn (Durative Touch, ignores armour and mage armour) The caster must stay in contact with the target for 20 seconds without interruption, announcing “Burn” after the duration. The target takes 5 global HP of damage. This spell Ignores armour. If this spell is used whilst grappling it damages all who are involved in the grapple. If the target is put under a sustain spell, drenched or loses contact before the duration ends, the spell is expended and does only 1HP  damage. Burn spells can be chained together without vocals or performance needing repetition after the first cast, so long as contact is maintained and a spell ball expended every 20 seconds. If the player is Dying during or after the effect of a Burn spell, they are also Unconscious, and cannot cry out for help.