You can get a pdf of the latest rules in use at Origin LRP games here. If you have any queries regarding the rules you can get in touch via our facebook page, discord or by emailing


Time In – (Ref Only call) This call denotes the beginning or resuming of in-character play.

Time Out – (Ref Only call) Play is suspended, either at the end of the day or if a lengthy pause in play is necessary. Sitting down or relaxing is allowed during extended Time Out calls, though it is preferable that all players stay in the same location until “Time In” is called to resume play. Some specific areas can be timed out whilst play continues in other areas. Time Out is also called when play finishes at the end of an IC day, or to mark the end of an event.

Time Freeze – (Ref Only) Used when a short pause is needed whilst in play. It can be used to create special effects, move monsters or investigate lengthy outcomes. It is expected that all players stay in place, close their eyes and hum to conceal any IC information. When Time In is called to resume play, characters should resume what they were doing before Time Freeze was called.

Guildcard – Sometimes a Ref will need to check a player ID or IC skill composition. When this occurs they will ask to see your Guildcard. Some IC skills will allow for Players to see certain parts of the IC Guildcard, but only Refs can use this call to inspect all of it including the OoC elements. If a player is inspecting your Guildcard they must specify which part of the Guilcard they are inspecting and you may cover or hide all but the relevant information the Player needs.

Man Down – A real, Out of Character injury or emergency has occurred. Anyone hearing the Man Down call must cease all gameplay and take a knee whilst the incident is assessed. Anyone discovering a real-life injury may announce the Man Down call in order to alert a nearby Referee or First-Aider. DO NOT repeat the Man Down call after the initial call, (the first referee on the scene will do this for you). DO NOT use Man Down as an in-game vocal under any circumstances.

Index Finger in Air (gesture) – This indicates that a Player or Monster is invisible and you cannot sense them in any way. This can only be used under specific circumstances, usually with the express permission of a referee, however some skills such as ‘Camouflage’ employ the finger in the air to denote character invisibility. Do not use this sign unless specifically given permission by a Ref or via use of a skill you have purchased via the character generation system.

“Ok” Symbol (index finger and thumb meeting) – This hand sign is a subtle way of asking a player how they are feeling without interrupting the flow of play. It can be used at any time, but is recommended for any in-game happenings that may be considered traumatic Out of Character. Referees may use this sign during high-intensity roleplay to confirm a player is in a stable condition to continue play.

Thumbs up/down or Not Sure (Flat Hand) – As a reply to the ‘Ok’ Symbol, the player is expected to answer with a thumb up if they are feeling well enough to continue play, a thumb down if they need to step away, or a flat hand to denote that they are not sure. If the reply to the OK hand-sign is a flat hand or thumbs down, it is advised that the player is taken out of the roleplay situation. If the player’s condition remains negative then the player is advised to retire to an OoC designated quiet space and let any referees know of their condition. Further counselling, care or first aid may be further advised.