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Taskmaster Skillset: Berserker

For every Taskmaster Expert Skillset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Physique Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

Indomitable Once per day, a Berserker can choose to negate an Elementalist, Taskmaster or Alchemy Skill or Spell that they are affected by, that has a duration of 20 seconds or longer, including effects such as Breathless, Hunter’s Mark and any sustained poison effects. Indomitable cannot negate the effects of any Blessings, Curses or Traumas. For the purposes of roleplay, it is considered that the skill user has overcome the effect duration in a period of focus or a fit of seething anger, and shouting, chanting, roaring, hitting oneself to regain control, or other roleplay flourishes must be shown for 10 seconds in order to consider the skill use successful.

Deadlift Twice per day, a Berserker may double their Grapple Value for 3 minutes by consuming a unit of food.

Death Charge Once per day when a Berserker enters a Dying state, they can instead choose to use their Death Count in order to attack or pursue their enemy. The Berserker must chase after or attack any enemies in their path, or continue attacking, otherwise they must fall down and continue their Death Count. Any character using this skill cannot use any other skills, spells, or communicate. The characters HP on any location cannot fall below zero whilst in the Death Charge state, however any location which was not already on zero HP that receives damage, must be counted as losing the relevant amount of HP. 

Strikedown effects must still be taken, but the player is allowed to get back up and resume their charge. The player cannot be healed whilst using the Death Charge Skill, but can be healed if they resume their normal stationary Death Count before it reaches zero, so long as they are not under any additional effects. Whilst using the Death Charge skill, the Execute call has no effect. The Death Count must be continuous throughout all Dying processes. A character that has begun their Death Count by calling out for help may not use the Death Charge skill. Likewise, if a player wishes to stop using the Death Charge skill, they cannot call out for help, speak, or move for the remainder of their death count.

Strikedown Three times per day, a player may call Strikedown whilst parrying or hitting another combatant to send their target flying. The strike knocks the target off their feet for 10 seconds or more, whether the hit has connected or has been parried. If the Strikedown lands upon a location, it will deal damage to the struck location as normal.