Note: All Lands pull from real world aesthetics, cultures and have inspirational basis therein. When representing a Land, Origin recommends that all players do research into the real world cultures those Lands are drawn from in order to better play their character and pay homage and respect to the people for whom those cultures are of foundational and personal importance. 

  • Lands represent a small proportion of the population of Origin’s world. You may wish to play a character from Elsewhere, or someone who is outcast, an outsider or in between the briefs provided here. 
  • Origin encourages diverse briefs, and we welcome you writing your own. Where possible we urge you to share those briefs and allow other players to explore them with you. 
  • Lands enhance character experience and allow for an extra depth of roleplay. Extra information about your Land will be provided within your personalised player primer where possible. 
  • Cities and populations are very small within the world of Origin – with larger settlements having an upper limit of around 5,000 people. Lands will be large but sparsely populated.