The Cold Rivers

Pronunciation: nord-meer

Term for People: Nvords, Ruscs

Names for Groups: Raid, Sveit

Masks: Animal masks, Hide masks

Most Popular Event: Vappu

The Nvords have a special name for the Great Undoing; Ragnarok. They are awaiting the New World, or the appearance of New Gods. In the meantime, the Old Gods are held in high esteem and the Nvords eke out a continued existence along the riverways and the Tundra. Holding onto all that was sacred in the Old-World has made the Nvords gifted storytellers and keepers of Lore. When holding meetings, stories are used to bridge the gaps between differing tribes, mead is the method for healing rifts and violent Holmgangs used to settle them. 

The Nvords number many in proficient skirmish fighters and raiders, regularly campaigning downriver to steal wealth and surfs from other Lands. Some Nvord river ships are not for raiding or the transportation of people and goods, but as floating libraries or altars to what has come before. They prize fire magic to keep them warm in the harsh winters, and Seers and Diviners to interpret the Old Ways, and predict the times to come. Miasma here is scarce, thought to be chased away by the Old Gods. Many do not wear masks, even outside of their own land, and are seen as mad or deranged by other lands for doing so. Many Nvords are solitary or live only in small family units, and meet with others only for a few days every moon – some downriver people swear allegiance to Jarls for protection against the wild beasts and other Nvord groups beyond their small settlements.