The Guild

A Strange Invitation


“Some refer to it as The Before. Everyone has their own names for it, from Ragnarok to Kingdomfall, every day we face the prospect of death because this ancient calamity has forced upon us ever-changing climates, harsh seasons, strange weather and the poisonous miasma-fog that only the Beasts can live amongst. It has been hundreds – perhaps thousands – of years since then, and still we struggle onwards. People cling to a few safe shelters, a few vestiges of culture, and they scrabble over food and resources. Some Groups co-exist together in tenuous unity, reuniting their Lands under alliances of similar customs and community – but all this, of course, you know already.

I write to you to tell you of a hope – a safe Haven. A space of abundance, miasma free, fertile and protected by wards and magics unlike any you have ever seen. There are ruins, fauna and beasts here that are unique, and I have heard it said that the Gods themselves walk amongst the local riches. Why should I tell you of such a secret paradise? Because it is my home – and I have a great hope for it – to act as a harbour throughout all the Lands. All are welcome who would welcome all.

We have created Guildhaven. Our own community, focused on extending the understanding of man in the face of death. The sanctity of Haven must be protected and its abundance shared and recreated – I summon those who would build a new era, and would heed the call of the future.” 

   – Yasha Hoot, The Beggar Queen – Letter dated 7th Moon, 14th Day, Nannatide

Guildhaven and The Guild

Guildhavens are strange anomalies – they do not experience Miasma at all. Yet outside any Haven, the appearance of Miasma seems to be a regular, almost clockwork occurrence. Barriers seem to protect the Havens, blocking poison, Great Beasts and allowing only those who have been invited inside to enter. Hoot, the Guildmaster, has extended you a written invitation – to join her Guild of wayfinders and trail blazers, to understand the Havens and rebuild the world of knowledge that was lost to the Undoing.

Hunts and Quests

Many Groups need to send their people on missions for food, materials, information, resources and contact with other Groups. It is commonplace for people to band together to achieve more on these outings into the wilderness than they would alone. As such, whether it is daring to hunt a Great Beast, or whether it is a quick outing for some scraps of food, most every creature is familiar with the thrill of the hunt. 

The War Table

Securing Haven is a risky business, and though plenty are willing to share in the riches of Haven, few look to protect it. The War Table is a necessity for the Guild, and allows for the strategic placement of the Guild’s limited resources against all manner of Great Beasts, hostile forces, political intrigue, merchant foibles, magical mishaps and Providence knows what else. All you have to do is make sure the right information makes it to the ears of the right people, and make the right moves at the right time.