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Elementalist Skillset: Life

For every Elementalist Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Affinity Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

(Touch only, No Spell Balls or Infusion)

Analyse – (See Stacked Abilities)

Heal Wounds (See Stacked Abilities)

Unfaltering Will – This passive skill can be used in conjunction with any other Elementalist spell, including stacked uses of Heal, Mend and sustain. Whilst the Elementalist using this skill is making spell performances or vocals, they can choose not to be interrupted by any effect that does not Mute them (if making spell vocals), incapacitate them (if making a spell performance) or put them on their death count. They must roleplay taking damage or effects, but will continue to cast nonetheless. Casters may include a call of “Unfaltering Will” with their performance.

Fatal (Touch) The call denotes the struck Location is reduced to 0 Hit Points instantly. The player must make their spell performance and from therein, has 30 seconds to touch a bodily location of their target, wherein they call “Fatal.” Fatal does not go through armour, and in such cases will simply do 1HP damage to the location instead. 1HP is restored to the user of the spell (on a location of their choice) upon a successful cast that is not blocked by armour, interrupted or parried, unless they are at their maximum health, in which case they remain at full health and ignore the additional +1HP.