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In-Character Calls


The target must be Dying or have consented to the execution. After 5 seconds of appropriate roleplaying the target is Killed by a damaging blow or spell, with the call “Execute.” Please roleplay large dramatic swings but do not attempt to strike someone’s neck or use hard or OC damaging blows. (Players that are monstering must NOT use the Execute call unless specifically instructed.) 

No Effect

The target of a spell or skill is Immune to that spell or skill. Players can also use the ‘No Effect’ call when hitting an opponent that they intend to do no damage to, or cannot harm. No Effect can be used only when all components of a Skill or Spell do not affect the Player; for example, if the play receives a “Firestrike” if a player is immune to Fire but would still take a Strikedown effect from the blow, No Effect must not be called. 


Any skills with this shorthand denote that the target is knocked over and must fall to the ground for 10 seconds. e.g. Strike Down, Water Strike, Void Strike etc. Damage from any weapons or spells called with the Strike are still taken, however the character must still fall over even if undamaged. If a strike ability is parried it will still knock the target over, though damage is not taken. Please look where you are falling – if it is unsafe for the player to fall, please take a knee or crouch to simulate the Strike effect instead. 


Any Skills that include this call ignore Armour. Projectiles (not including slingshot fire or thrown weapons) are considered to do Bolt damage without a call. Do not try to parry or catch arrows.


Calls including the word Storm denote the use of magic in a 90 degree cone, 5m in front of the caster. All within that cone are affected by the spell. If unsure whether you are included in a Storm call, assume that if you can see both the caster’s eyes that it has affected you. All Storm calls are assumed to do 1HP of damage to every location. Storm can be combined with other calls; for example, a “Fire Storm” call would do 2HP of damage to every location.


The Mass call affects every Character in hearing range, and denotes the use of large magical or mundane forces across a wide area. Mass is always used with another call. Casting stackable abilities with a Mass call implies that all types of that ability are present, and that it affects all locations, for example, Mass Heal Wounds would include Life magic, which would make the call damaging for some types of Wraith. 


These calls all denote the type of elemental spell being used, and can be called on their own or with another call e.g. Lightstorm. The base spell does 1 Hit Point per Location on contact with the target (if the Target has no Flaws or Affinities). If thrown, calls can be made prior to release of the spell ball and upon a successful hit on a target. Touch spells or spells relayed through a weapon or item must be called on all uses. The call also notes what sort of roleplay reaction is needed. Showing pain and putting out clothing if a Fire spell is used, wiping away Water or shivering from cold, or picking out shrapnel from Metal spells are all good ways of roleplaying Elemental damage. Elemental spell balls can be parried lightly. Please do not try to play spell baseball or cricket. Elemental spells cast into weapons can be parried as part of normal weapon safety procedure. Once an elemental call is made via a weapon hit it is expended, whether parried or successfully landed. 







The call denotes the struck Location is reduced to 0 Hit Points instantly. In the case of Mass Fatal or Fatal Storm, the call must be taken on all locations. Fatal does not go through armour, instead doing one hit point of damage to the struck location.


The targeted character can cast spells but must drop any held weapons or objects as their entire body shakes. Whilst this affliction is in effect, the player will lack coordination and even things such as picking something up or walking in a straight line will require monumental effort. Staggering, shaking and twitching are all expected actions. Quake lasts for 60 seconds and persists during Death Count.


Targeted Character is rendered completely Blind, but is still able to move and retreat carefully (OC note: The player should keep their eyes shut tight within reason – making sure you and others are in a safe space to roleplay before running over dangerous terrain. Please refrain from flailing, fighting, or throwing weapons and limbs around). Blind lasts for 60 seconds and continues during a character’s death count. 


The Targeted Character may not move, but is still aware of their surroundings. The player will still take the effects of ‘Strike’ skills, but must remain paralysed after falling safely prone should the effects have not worn off. Should the player fall unconscious whilst paralysed, they will stay in their paralysed position and begin their death count. Players afflicted with this condition cannot be healed until it is cured or the Paralysis runs out. Standard Paralysis lasts for 30 seconds, and will continue during death count.


The Targeted Character must roleplay not being able to breathe and is incapable of spell vocals or verbal communication whilst this affliction is in effect. The player will be able to walk and parry for brief periods but must frequently rest or collapse whilst gasping for air for 60 seconds. Breathless continues during a character’s death count, rendering the victim unable to call for help. (Make sure you are still breathing properly and continuing safe roleplay throughout.)


The targeted character is burning from the inside out, and must roleplay trying to put out the internal fire and acting as though they are in pain. They are unable to attack, but can run and take defensive actions against anyone stopping them from trying to put out the fire. This skill goes through armour. The character will lose 5 Hit Points globally for every 20 seconds that the caster is touching them until contact is broken. If the targeted character is drenched or put under a Sustain spell effect before 20s elapses, in which case the spell only deals 1 Hit Point of damage to the touched Location. If the player is Dying during or after the effect of a Burn spell, they are also Unconscious. Burn spells used in a grapple scenario affect every Grappler and the target of the Grapple. 

Heal (Wounds)

The target regains 1HP after 20 seconds of healing roleplay to the targeted location(s). Healing does not interrupt other durative effects such as Blind, Quakes or Breathless. Death counts are halted during the spell vocal phase, but resume immediately if the spell is interrupted in any way before regaining a HP to the Head and/or Chest location. Please see Stacked Abilities: Heal Wounds for more information.


Shatter denotes that any inanimate object touched or parried with this call is broken, and is unusable. Any shattered weapon must be dropped safely.


Any struck arm carrying a weapon, struck weapon or improvised weapon parried with this call must be dropped by the user. (Note: please do not fling weapons around dangerously.)


A fearful force pushes the targeted Player directly away from the caster for 20 seconds. The Character can speak under the effects of repel, but will be unable to use any spells, items and weapons or defend themselves. If the targeted player comes up against an obstacle and cannot retreat further, the player is expected to cower or roleplay trying to escape until the end of the spell duration. They must act panicked and repulsed.


The caster is afflicting the illusion of intense pain on the character. The player must roleplay intense agony, whilst trying to crawl away from the caster. They can defend or weakly parry, but will be in too much pain to speak, attack, cast or use items. 


Miasma is a damaging force, sometimes akin to a highly localised weather front and a poisonous fog. The Miasma call is usually paired with an elemental call. Miasmatic areas inflict “fatal” damage on any character that enters it without a mask immediately, unless they have a resistance to that specific Miasma type. Characters undergo their death count as normal in Miasma. Characters with masks can survive for 20 seconds in Miasma before taking a “Fatal”. Resistant characters can survive for three minutes before taking a “fatal” call. For example; “Miasma: Fire” would mean Fire Mages and fire resistant creatures can survive under miasma conditions for three minutes before they must take a “Fatal” call.