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Elementalist Skillset: Water

For every Elementalist Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Affinity Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

(Blue/Light Blue Spell Balls)

Sustain (See Stacked Abilities) (Touch)

Purify (Touch) Unlimited uses per day – Using a minute of appropriate roleplay, the user of this skill can: 

  • Put the HP of any single creature’s limbs (i.e. any location that does not include chest or head) from 0HP back to 1HP. It cannot heal above 1HP on any location. 
  • Purify a Bodily Location or object of specific curses, traumas, potions, poisons or radiation. Researching the affliction first to find out whether the Purify spell will work on it may grant a greater chance of success. Ref presence needed.
  • Instantly put out the “Burn” spell.
  • Wake a character from magically induced “Sleep.”
  • Can interrupt the effects of “Spirit Projection” and “Enhance Senses” without harming the target.
  • May be used to cleanse a person or object of specific potions or poison effects.

Water (Thrown, Infused or Touch based) After making the necessary spell vocals or performance, the spell can be cast one of 3 ways;

  • Thrown – The caster must use a thrown spell ball to cast their spell. The caster must be at least 3m away from their target. Upon a successful hit of any bodily location, the caster may call “Waterstrike.” The target will be dealt 1 point of Water damage to every location and be knocked prone. 
  • Touch – The caster must make the necessary spell performances or vocals, and within 30 seconds Touch the target on their head or chest. Upon a successful contact, the caster may call “Waterstrike.” The target will be dealt 1 point of Water damage to every location and be knocked prone. 
  • Infused – The caster may infuse a weapon with the spell. The next hit from that weapon will do “Water” damage and deal one hit per location, plus an additional -1HP to the location struck upon the target creature (though it is not knocked prone). The weapon does not need to be wielded by the caster. A weapon cannot hold the charge longer than 3 minutes, and cannot hold multiple charges of the Water spell. The caster may give the weapon user their spell ball to represent the element within their weapon, which must be dropped once the spell is used. If the weapon is parried the spell is expended without damage. 

Wither (Touch) Any location hit by the ‘Wither’ call is rendered useless despite armour, however it is stopped by mage armour on the struck location. Should the head or chest be successfully hit, the Player must collapse. They are not on their death count and retain the same amount of HP on all locations unless struck whilst the spell is in effect; the player must take damage as normal. The character is experiencing extreme pain and cannot use the part of their body Wither is affecting. Whilst Wither is in effect on an arm or leg, the player will not be able to use it until it is healed, so any two handed weapons will be unusable if an arm is hit. Players can limp away if a single leg is affected, but should not move from the area they fell prone in should the chest or head become Withered, unless a ref tells them to do so or dangerous play could occur. The condition can be cured by a “Heal Wounds” spell to that location to rid it of Wither – this does not raise that location’s Hit Points, only rids the Location of the Wither effect. A location cannot regain Hit Points whilst Wither is in effect so it cannot be cured via global healing of hit points and must be attended to singularly.