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Hierophant Skillset: Priest

For every Hierophant Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Ritual Spell (See Stacked Abilities)

Analyse (See Stacked Abilities)

Blessing (Touch)(Ref Needed) The caster may spend 3 minutes of roleplay attempting to bless a named creature. Spell performance must be reflective of the type of blessing you wish to cast. The target does not need to be physically present for a blessing to be received. Blessings may include:

  • Relieving a target of weakness or vulnerability
  • Giving a target a resistance or Boon
  • Causing less harm to come to a target
  • Giving the target temporary favours from a deity or spirit

Sanctuary (Touch) A Priest decides what behaviours are allowed on their hallowed ground. Using this skill, they may create a sanctuary where one of the following may occur:

  • Sanctuary of Peace – No combat or directly aggressive or damaging actions may be taken
  • Sanctuary of Truth – No Lies may not be told
  • Sanctuary of the Mundane – No magic may be cast
  • Sanctuary of Life – Undead or another creature type specified in spell vocals may not enter

The area affected is a 3m radius around where the Priest stands and lasts for 3 minutes. This can be extended a further 3 minutes for each spell crystal used, without needing to repeat initial spell vocals. The Priest cannot move for the duration and all who enter the sanctuary area must abide by the will of the Priest, otherwise they are repelled from the Hallowed ground as per the “Repel” call. The Sanctuary fails if the Priest is interrupted or damaged in any way. 

Lead Ritual – A character may use this skill to Lead a ritual beseeching a Figure, Spirit, Faith or Deity for a boon, or to place a detrimental effect on an opponent. One might ask for a temporary skill or status boost, help with a problem, help with finding information, Bestowing a blessing or a curse upon a player, curing a trauma and much more. Using this skill means the user must guide the ritual to its conclusion, or be the focal point for any rite. The player may use this skill to lead a Ritual as per the Ritual Spell (see: Stacked Abilities: Ritual), or as the Lead Ritualist. There can only be one Lead Ritualist using the spell per ritual. For larger ritual groups, a player with the Lead Ritualist skill is necessary. Rituals can take place anywhere as long as they are in the presence of a Ref. 

Rituals are usually specific to religions or Lands and each Group will have their own way of performing them. Please see your Player Primer for more details on Religion and Rituals specific to your Land. Rituals may be more or less successful depending on the significance of the Patron the Ceremony is dedicated to, the location, items, spell charges, characters or NPCs present, performance and the intended goal of the Ritual. Lead Ritualists can utilise other Ritualists with no spell charges left and may choose to expend their own Spell charges on behalf of another participant. Less spell charges may make the Ritual less effective, however.