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Apprentice Skills: Elementalist

(Spell-based only unless stated)

Decontaminate – Once per day a character may use this skill to cleanse an area up to 3m in diameter of a single type of Elemental radiation by spending 1 Hit Point per Location. If the character has an affinity to the type of decontaminated element, it will do 1 Hit Point to an area of the Character’s choosing. If Weak to the decontaminated element, the character takes 2 Hits Points per Location, and if Vulnerable, the Character must drop to 0 Hit points Globally. Appropriate roleplay is expected – the player must be seen to draw the elements that are radiating in their surroundings towards them. Decontamination is painful for the character doing it, so roleplay of discomfort and pain is expected. 

Glyph – Once per day the Elementalist may spend 10 seconds with appropriate spell vocals or performance to draw a Glyph that contains one of their Spell Charges. GOD will provide the user with a relevant hidden envelope to store their Glyph in. Please inform a Ref of where the Glyph is drawn and the Glyphs purpose. The Spell Glyph is considered hidden as per the Protectionist Spell ‘Hide’ to all but the caster. This spell will then be unleashed on the first creature who touches that Glyph. The Glyph lasts until the morning of the Next day. The Glyph can be detected using skills such as Enhance Senses. The Glyph once drawn cannot be moved, nor placed on a moving or magical object, otherwise the glyph activates immediately. Glyphs can be removed using relevant skills such as Dissipate. 

Mage Armour (See Stacked Abilities: Armour)

Slingshot (Skill) Use of a slingshot or throwing aid for any spell requiring a Thrown Spell component. Physreps must be below 20 pounds of draw and be fired from at least 5m away from the intended targets. All fired shots must be coreless and greater than 3 inches in diameter, with no sharp points. The Slingshot should look in-character where possible. Nerf guns and other flingers are allowed so long as they are unaltered, they are only used to fire 7cm soft foam balls and they meet Origin safety standards. (Physreps must abide by  the Origin Weapon Policy, which can be found here)

Wand (Skill) – The Character can cast any Elementalist or Hierophant skills through a Wand or a Rod (any single handed LARP-safe weapon that looks like a wand, rod or short staff (cannot be bladed and must look magical) that is under 42inches or 101cm in length. (Physreps must abide by  the Origin Weapon Policy, which can be found here). If the character also has the weapon master Skill, they may use a staff of up to maximum length. (See Taskmaster: Apprentice Skills – Weapon Master) The Wand can be held at arm’s length and Spell cast through it, however in doing this, the spell can be parried by hitting the wand and will not work if contact is broken with the intended spell target during Spell casting. The Spell is expended if it is parried as normal.