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Apprentice Skills: Hierophant

(All Spell-based unless stated)

Bestow – Allows a Hierophant to give another player a single use of one of their Expert or Apprentice Skills. The Skill can be used as normal by the other player anytime within the same day it has been bestowed. Spells cannot be Bestowed. The Hierophant cannot use specific skill whilst it is on loan to the Bestowed target, and the caster must give the target their expended Spell crystal after using the skill on them, to signify the Bestowal. 

Dispel – Once per day, singularly or as part of a ritual, the user may alleviate the effects of specific spells on another target. Dispel can be used to cure certain curses, blessings, and rid a target of any Hierophant spells with duration effects, such as Hide, Forget, Enhance Senses, Command, Sanctuary and Ward. 

Exorcism – Once per day, singularly or as part of a Ritual the user can:

  • Investigate curses, blessings or traumas
  • Ask a spirit questions, the spirit may only reply in yes or no statements (the spirit must not have physical form, the spirit must be named in order to speak with it or must have a strong attachment to a particular object or person)
  • The spell may be used to heal a target of blessings or curses under certain circumstances
  • The spell may also be used to investigate the bond between a spirit and a person or item
  • Rid the target of a spirit, curse or blessing

Each different use of the exorcism spell requires a new spell to be cast. You cannot use both the investigate curses function and the healing function under one spell, for example.

Meditate – The powers that be have seen fit to give you a connection to them. They may award you visions that may benefit your current quest. You may perform a meditative action that represents the will of your god in order to enter a trancelike state where they may communicate their will to you. Meditative roleplay can take the form of any worshipful or repetitive action. For example, a character may meditate on the drawing of a map and beseech a wayfinder God in order to receive that god’s help in finding a lost item. Information received from the gods may be metaphorical or vague in nature and open to some interpretation. Meditations must take around 10 minutes or roleplay and begin and end in sight of a ref.

Meditate may:

  • Give the Player a vague idea of future threats. 
  • Impart wisdom or knowledge.
  • Allow the character to commune with a Force or Deity of their choice.
  • Interpret the Will of the Gods using the information they currently have at their disposal.
  • Be performed as a group. All members must have Meditate in order to join in. Results may be stronger using more Meditators but feedback may be harsher. 

Ritual Circle – (ref needed) The Hierophant may use this skill to intuitively find ley-lines or a location where they might best set up a Ritual, with a view to either causing it to succeed or fail. This skill can be used to set up crude Ritual circles using the items or landscape on hand to better aid or sabotage the ritual at the user’s discretion. They may also use this skill to sense the passing of other Ritual Magics – if a Ritual has been performed nearby within the same day they will be able to ascertain its approximate location and the Spellset the Ritual most highly employed.