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Hierophant Skillset: Restorationist

For every Hierophant Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Ritual Spell (See Stacked Abilities)

Heal Wounds (See Stacked Abilities)

Mend (See Stacked Abilities)

Dissipate (Touch) A Restorationist can use this spell to negate an Elementalist, Taskmaster or Alchemy Skill or Spell that another character is affected by, that has a duration of 20 seconds or longer, including effects such as Breathless, Hunter’s Mark, some Curses and Traumas and some sustained poison effects. Investigation into the nature of the ailment may be necessary in order to ascertain ‘Dissipate’s effectiveness upon it. 

Regeneration (Touch) The player can cast this spell on any player or NPC, and gives the recipient the expended Spell Crystal to symbolise the regeneration spell. Next time the Recipient is on their Death Count, they can use the Spell Crystal to regenerate all of the body’s Locations that are on 0 HP back up to 1 HP. The Regeneration user must use a standard spell vocal to activate the regeneration, and can use it anytime between entering the Death Count state, and before the final 10 seconds of the Death Count so Spell vocals can be performed before the Character dies. If the character is executed before spell vocal completion the spell does not work and the character dies. If the spell vocal is interrupted by a hit, skill or spell it must be restarted. This spell does not carry over to the next day if it is unused by Time Out. Breathless or muted characters will not be able to use the Regenerate spell until the spells stopping them from speaking have worn off.