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Hierophant Skillset: Diviner

For every Hierophant Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Ritual Spell (See Stacked Abilities)

Enhance Senses (Touch) The Diviner can use this spell to enhance one of the Target’s five senses for 20 seconds. They must give the target their Spell Crystal. The target can put the expended spell crystal on the ground, put their finger in the air and walk up to 50 ft  in order to simulate their enhanced senses. It is considered that their in-character body has been left in its original position where the Spell Crystal was left, before the Player raised their finger. Should the spell crystal be attacked, it is considered that the Target of Enhanced Senses is taking damage, and the Spell is cancelled and the character must return to their original position. The creature can only have senses Enhanced that they are in possession of; if the character is Blind or cursed with Deafness, they would not be able to use Enhanced Sight or Enhanced Hearing respectively. Enhanced sight will be able to see further, and will be able to perceive more in the dark. Advanced Hearing will be able to overhear conversations, quieter or far away monster calls. Advanced Taste may be able to help with identifying herb and their effects, Enhanced Touch may help detecting hidden text or worn objects, and Enhanced Smell might help with tracking a monster. 

Deja Vu (Touch or Durative Touch) The caster can, for 3 minutes or until contact with the target is broken, force a single target into a trance state where they will recount their actions throughout the day. The target cannot lie but may omit or bend the truth if they have the relevant skills. If the target takes damage during the 3 minutes the spell is broken.

Clairvoyance (Touch)(Ref Needed) The Diviner can gain vague prophetic information about the past, present or future. Clairvoyance allows the caster to ask a specific question of a set of gods, spirits or other powerful creatures. The Diviner may get more information if they use the Clairvoyance skill in a holy place, with a Spiritual object, or by using a significant character or NPC to focus on. Clairvoyance can be used to identify the last person to touch an object or use a magical artefact. 

Spirit Projection (Touch only)(Once per event)(Ref Needed) – The Diviner can push a target’s Spirit out of their body and lead it on a journey. The expended spell crystal is left on the floor to symbolise the target’s body that is being left behind. The body cannot be moved whilst spirit Projection is in use, otherwise the spell is broken. The Target cannot be hurt by Skills, but can still be affected by Spells. Knockdown does not affect the Projected Spirit. The Diviner takes damage as normal whilst leading the Projected Spirit. The Projected Spirit cannot stray more than 10 ft from the Diviner that cast the spell. If the Target’s Physical Body, (left behind at the site of where the spell was initially cast) takes damage, then the spell is cancelled, and the target takes damage as normal. If the Diviner is Dying or Dead during the Spirit Walk, the Projected Spirit cannot stray more than 10ft from the body. Spirit Projection can be used to identify unseen creatures, special items, and can use the projection to force encounters with Spirits.