You can get a pdf of the latest rules in use at Origin LRP games here. If you have any queries regarding the rules you can get in touch via our facebook page, discord or by emailing


Player(s) – That’s you! The term ‘Player’ in Origin specifically refers to the actor (and not the character) taking part in the LRP. 

In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OoC/OC) – “In character” or “IC” refers to active areas of the game during time in and the in character actions of both Players and Monsters/NPCs during game time. “Out of character”, “OC” or “OoC” refers to any actions or locations that occur outside the scope of the game.

Game Organisation Desk (GOD) – the Out of Character hub that supports the practical functions of the game, including signing in upon arrival at the game site, purchasing tickets, distributing spell balls etc. It also functions as the location where forage tokens are redeemed and ritual, research and crafting projects are submitted and assessed. If you have any questions or need to find an Origin staff member, the GOD desk is the best place to look. 

Referee (Ref) – Referees help enact the game rules, and assist with OoC and IC functions of the game. Referees can be recognised by their Origin bags, Tabards or OoC radio. 

  • Any radio wearing person(s) is an on-duty Referee.
  • Referees wearing Referee tabards are considered to be OoC, and are therefore invisible to characters. 

Ops Team/Volunteers – The Ops Team and Volunteers can be spotted by use of high-vis jackets and will be onsite to assist with the OoC functions of the game, such as tickets and sales, car-parking, photography, cleaning, and general site maintenance. Anyone in high-vis jackets are considered invisible to players whilst in play.

Game Team – The Origin showrunners, who are responsible for the in-character functions of Origin, including Plot, Monstering, Crafting and Alchemy, etc. Referees can also be part of Game Team.

Monstering and NPCs – The system by which Players temporarily act as Monsters or Non-Player Characters (NPCs) to enrich the game for other players. Monstering is usually done on a timetable and Groups will take it in turns to monster for the other players, but Special monstering slots can be requested by Game Team for keen players.

Identity Card / Character Card / Guildcard – Your Guildcard holds information that is used to identify you in case of emergencies – please keep it in a loose holder around your neck or on an easily accessible place on your wrist at all times whilst on site. All players must have a current character card as proof of admittance to entry of any ‘Origin’ event. The Character card will be referred to as a ‘Guildcard’ during play, and serves as an In-Character identification as well as Out of Character. 

Player Primer – An OoC document sent directly to the player upon character generation to give them more information on their Land, Background, Racial Background and any starting Skill or Spell information they may need. Downtime – Refers to In-Character actions taken between events.