You can get a pdf of the latest rules in use at Origin LRP games here. If you have any queries regarding the rules you can get in touch via our facebook page, discord or by emailing

Legacy Players - Character Death, Retirement and Absences

Characters that die at Origin will regularly be offered the chance for the same character to return as a Wraith. Characters that are already Wraiths and have experienced a second death will not be offered the chance to return. 

If your character dies at any Origin event, you may generate a new character as normal. Every newly generated character will be allowed one free rebuild of their character during their first or second event attending as that character, no questions asked. Rebuilds are also allowed if real life reasons prevent the player from performing their character as they normally would – please email or see the GOD desk. Origin staff are on-hand and happy to help at events and on social media if the player should need any advice regarding character creation or rebuilding. 

Characters Returning after a long break of 4 mainline events or more are granted 2 Downtime actions and 1 extra Single Skill or Spell of their choice. 

Players who retire characters with 5 or more skill/spell advancements may re-enter the game as a new character with an additional Skill or spell. For every 5 advancements made on the previous retired character, 1 advancement may be made on the next newly generated character. Character Progression rules still apply to the additional Legacy picks. The ‘one free rebuild’ rule still applies to Legacy characters, including Legacy advancement picks.