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Loremaster Skillset: Artificer

For every Loremaster Expert Skillset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Research Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

Evaluate (See Stacked Abilities)

Forgery – Once per day, the Artificer may copy an object, item, blueprint or weapon with a special attribute and make a replica that appears to possess the same properties, magical or mundane, but will break upon use of its special property. The Artificer may also use forgeries to develop their understanding of the real equivalent, either by breaking them or studying their pattern. 

Cleanse – Three times per day, the artificer is capable of cleansing a person, item or object of any unwanted physical properties. After 10 minutes of appropriate roleplay of drawing energies, specific effects or properties out of an object, the artificer will have successfully cleansed the object. This can be used to get rid of poison, some kinds of Miasma or removing evidence of a creature’s presence. Please consult a ref upon use of this skill.

It is possible for an Artificer to cleanse an object too well, for instance, leading an alchemical ingredient to lose all potency. Likewise it is possible to not cleanse well enough, stopping a material from functioning properly when crafted into something, therefore lowering its quality. Success in cleansing may depend upon research and knowledge of the material and skill use context. 

Instil – Three times per Day, an Artificer may do any of the following:

  • Spend 3 minutes creating scrolls that store magical charges. The scroll will last until the end of the next event, must be issued by GOD, and cannot store multiple charges of the same spell. The user may store another character’s magic within the scroll but the caster must be present during the creation of the scroll. Some scrolls may have stipulations on who can use the resulting scrolls and these will be listed on the item.
  • Use 3 expended Hierophant spell crystals, or 3 expended Elementalist magic charges of the same Element or type in order to imbue an object or a Spell crystal with a charge of the spent spell or an elemental magic charge. They can use this to place a spell in a weapon, trap, scroll or other object. The item will store the most powerful copy of the spell that has been cast, so long as the 3 charges can co-exist (e.g. 2 Fire charges and Water would not mix, but Two Fire charges and one Mass Fire charge would create a mass Fire spell). This requires 20 seconds of relevant roleplay, transferring energy between crystals or gathering elemental energy in one spot. The expended Mage charges must be within 20 metres of one another. The Artificer must tell a Ref if they are trying to instil “Storm” or “Mass” spells. The object will be indicated as having that spell Instilled via a scroll, given at GOD. The scroll’s power will dissipate at the end of the next event. The resulting spell crystal or Elemental magic may be used as normal by anyone holding the relevant object, who can complete the relevant spell performance or vocals and tear the attached scroll.
  • After cleansing an object, an Artificer may choose to instil a perfectly cleansed material or object with a property from another material, object or ingredient, by spending an in-game resource that possesses the desired property. This must include appropriate roleplay, such as pasting herbs on top of an object in order to infuse that object or material with a specific property. This requires a longer period of roleplay and a ref must be present. The instilled property will last until the end of the next event. 

The Instil skill may be more successful upon research into specific properties, materials or elements. If the time taken to use the Instil skill is interrupted before completion, it may be restarted again within 15 minutes, or abandoned if a time longer than 15 minutes elapses. Any interruption may have negative effects on your product or research. Instilling an object may be done over multiple sessions and employ the use of ritual and/or research skills.

You cannot re-Instil Spells that have already been Instilled.