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Elementalist Skillset: Earth

For every Elementalist Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Affinity Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

(Green Spell Balls)

Mend (See Stacked Abilities)

Absorb (Touch) Allows the caster to take on any negative effects, such as Curses, Traumas, temporary weaknesses, or spells with a duration, such as “Paralyse”, “Burn” “Quakes” etc. from another NPC, player or creature, the player must then take the damage or effects as normal, ignoring elements they have affinities with and roleplaying the transference of the effects onto themselves.  

Earth (Thrown, Infused or Touch based) After making the necessary spell vocals or performance, the spell can be cast one of 3 ways;

  • Thrown – The caster must use a thrown spell ball to cast their spell. The caster must be at least 3m away from their target. Upon a successful hit of any bodily location, the caster may call “Earthstrike.” The target will be dealt 1 point of Earth damage to every location and be knocked prone. 
  • Touch – The caster must make the necessary spell performances or vocals, and within 30 seconds Touch the target on their head or chest. Upon a successful contact, the caster may call “Earthstrike.” The target will be dealt 1 point of Earth damage to every location and be knocked prone. 
  • Infused – The caster may infuse a weapon with the spell. The next hit from that weapon will do “Earth” damage and deal one hit per location, plus an additional -1HP to the location struck upon the target creature (though it is not knocked prone). The weapon does not need to be wielded by the caster. A weapon cannot hold the charge longer than 3 minutes, and cannot hold multiple charges of the Earth spell. The caster may give the weapon user their spell ball to represent the element within their weapon, which must be dropped once the spell is used. If the weapon is parried the spell is expended without damage. 

Quake (Touch) Upon successful delivery of the spell, a Targeted Character can cast spells but must drop any held weapons or objects as their entire body shakes. Whilst this affliction is in effect, the player will lack coordination and even things such as picking something up or walking in a straight line will require monumental effort. Staggering, shaking and twitching are all expected actions. Quake lasts for 60 seconds and continues throughout the death count. Targets on Death Count cannot crawl towards help but can still call out.