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Hierophant Skillset: Protectionist

For every Hierophant Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Ritual Spell (See Stacked Abilities)

Hide (Touch) The Protectionist can hide an object or text or person, as long as they are curled up smaller than 1m. The illusion lasts until the end of the day unless it is disturbed by another skill, such as “Flare”. If the object is touched or interacted with it may be discerned, but not seen. 

Barricade (Touch) The caster bestows protection on a target, shielding them from the next 3 damaging actions made against them. The spell does not carry overnight. The Target must call “No Effect.” 

Sphere of Protection (Touch) The character casts their faith as a shield, and protects another character from magical harm. Whilst the Sphere of Protection is in effect, the targeted creature may move but may not take any offensive action, parry, act in any aggressive manner or cast any spells. The user may communicate, defend and taunt as normal. Whilst this spell is in effect, the player ignores all magical damage or effects, calling No Effect (this includes healing spells, and stacked abilities with spell components), they cannot be knocked down or disarmed and their weight class is increased by +2 points whilst the skill is in effect only. The Spell lasts three minutes and persists during death count, or lasts as long as the spell caster is in contact with the spell target, whichever is longer.

Ward (Touch) The caster may place a ward to allow only specific named creatures beyond a doorway, natural archway, lock, room or trap. The ward will last until the end of the day or until it is broken. Ritually cast wards can include other spell effects with strengthened attributes. You can only have 1 ward on a single entryway.