You can get a pdf of the latest rules in use at Origin LRP games here. If you have any queries regarding the rules you can get in touch via our facebook page, discord or by emailing


When an Origin character performs actions outside of Time In, they are said to be acting during Downtime. Players can choose one action between events as their downtime. They receive one downtime action for every event they attend. Below is a table explaining the executable actions a character can take during downtime. Certain actions will only be available to those in possession of certain skills. It is possible to gain items, bonuses or skills during downtime which will be awarded to the player on return to their next Origin event. Downtime can be planned IC and downtime actions will be more likely to be successful if the character has more information to base their action upon. For instance, should an Assassin choose the War action against a group of unruly Beastmen, the Assassin would be more likely to succeed because they know from scouting missions that these Beastmen have collapsible burrows, allowing for an easier ambush. Downtime can be planned and set up at events via the War Table, Quests and IC skills. 

Downtime must be registered with the Game Team, either via our website or emailing us at The results of downtime will either be emailed back or may be collected at the event the player is next in attendance. Downtime forms can be accessed via our website and the Downtime form. 

  • Some downtime actions can be performed as a group. Groups have a higher chance of succeeding in their Downtime missions. Group actions must be named on your downtime form. 
  • Downtime actions can be submitted with a plan. Plans can include other characters, information, items, named monsters, locations, dossiers and any other in-game quantity. Specificity will increase your chances of being successful in your downtime campaign.
  • Any items, resources or food used on downtime actions must be handed in at the next subsequent event.

The actions they can choose to partake in are: 


Who can use it



Anybody Individually

Training allows the Character to advance any learning they have started to undertake IC. A character must have started training under a named instructor and registered what skill they are attempting to learn at GOD during time in. Their training roleplay must be witnessed by a referee during the event. Though training cannot be started in downtime it can be completed in it. Downtime training can be performed without an Instructor but will be slower to progress. Skills will be learnt at a pace depending on their difficulty (see: Character Progression for more information).


Anybody Individually

A character can instruct another named character, so long as the instruction has started during Time-In and has been registered with GOD. Instruction helps the named character learn faster, but may not provide any benefits to the instructor should none have been agreed In-Character. 


Anybody, Group

The character has spent time between Guildmeets to gather food, go hunting or collect materials. Spoils will be given to the player upon their next event and return to GOD. Gathering can be used to find specific materials so long as the character possesses the relevant skills to find what they want. 


Character must have at least ONE full Expert Taskmaster skillset, Group

The character has spent their time engaging in battle, whether it be to defend their homeland, hunt a great beast, defeat a rival or fight a neighbour. The war action can be performed as a group against a named opponent or NPC. Success or failure will depend on what skills your character has, as well as the strength of the enemy NPC(s).  


Character must have at least ONE full Expert Loremaster skillset, Group

The character has delved further into the mysteries of the world and is looking to expand their knowledge in a certain field. Research must begin at events but can be continued and expanded upon during downtime. 


Character must have at least ONE full Expert Hierophant skillset, Group

The character is dedicating themselves to meditation, worship and spiritual betterment. Rituals in downtime can be used to lay curses and blessings on other individuals, beseech the Gods for boons, or build shrines and worship sites in specific locations. 


Character must have at least ONE full Expert Elementalist skillset, Group

The character is exploring the areas of the world untrodden. They may use this action to explore Miasma-infected regions or traverse through dangerous territory. They may do this in order to bring back information on other lands, gain temporary elemental benefits or extra spell charges. Elementalists may also use this skill in order to gain information about magic in other lands. 


Anybody, Individual

The character may dedicate an amount of their food, items or other resources into helping another named group or individual. If done correctly, this may reap rewards in the future.