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Taskmaster Skillset: Defender

For every Taskmaster Expert Skillset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Physique Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

Gird – Three times per day, the character may choose to negate a single successful damage call made against them, by treating it as successfully parried or shielded instead, by calling “No effect: Gird”. Every time Gird is used the player must consume 1 unit of food before it can be used again.

Taunt The character must announce that they are Taunting a target, by indicating the creature they wish to gain the attention of, and roleplay insulting or goading that creature into focussing their attack on them. The taunt will only work on creatures with sub-human intelligence. The Taunt ends as soon as the character ceases goading the enemy verbally. 

Defensive Stance Two times per day, the character may assume a Defensive Position, with their weapon and/or shield raised in a guarding stance. Whilst the Defensive Stance is in effect, the player may only move within 3 paces of the position where the skill was activated, may only parry blows, and may not move to attack. 

The user cannot cast spells and must keep their guard up, but may communicate and taunt as normal. Whilst this skill is in use, the player ignores all mundane damage, they cannot be knocked down and their weight class is increased by +2 points whilst the skill is in effect. Magic can still harm the skill user, and any spell effects must be taken, however the skill does not end unless the user is reduced to a Dying state, or is moved or grappled away from their initial start position. 

Disarm Twice per day the character can choose to parry a blow and through quick thinking and movement, can disarm their opponent. This skill can only be used on monsters or players that are wielding weapons, or in rarer cases, where weaponry can be loosened off a creature’s body. The skill user must parry another droppable weapon with a heroic swing (keeping other players’ safety in mind) and call Disarm. The target must drop the weapon safely, and if they are able, can retrieve it after 10 seconds. This skill can also be used to disarm specific traps.