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Taskmaster Skillset: Assassin

For every Taskmaster Expert Skillset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Physique Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

Hide Tracks Once per day, you may use this skill to hide the movements of yourself or another creature, making them more difficult to track. In order to perform the action, you must spend 3 minutes of roleplay hiding footprints, cleaning touched objects and disguising scents. If you are trying to hide a crime or misdeed, you may place a Hide Tracks token on the subject of your misdeed e.g. someone you’ve just assassinated, into a chest you’ve stolen from or on a trap you’ve hidden. Likewise you can hide the tracks of a group or monster by spending time roleplaying and then informing a Ref.

Reflex   Twice per day, you are quick to recover from a blow, and you may call “Resist Strikedown” to any effect that would knock you off your feet. You must still take the damage from any attack as normal.

Stealth Twice per day, a character may hide themselves and will be undetectable to other creatures. In order to be considered hidden, the character must be concealed by stationary terrain or objects (not including shields or people), over half their body must be concealed from view. You cannot move whilst using the stealth skill, with the exception of very slow head movement, otherwise the skill is considered expended and other creatures will be able to see you. You can use the Stealth skill after readying your weapon or spell vocal, however speaking, making calls or using another skill will instantly end its effects. If another creature sees you enter Stealth, the skill will not work on that creature. You may be seen by creatures under the Enhance Senses Spell whilst using Stealth. 

Any accidental hit or spell that connects must be taken as normal, and the Stealth skill will have failed upon receiving damage or the user having moved. In order to show you are using the Stealth skill, the player must hold two fingers tightly together in the air. 

Assassinate – Twice per day the character may take an uninterrupted 20 seconds to prepare to kill a target. The user must remain unseen and behind the target and within weapon reach during this time. The Player may not use other skills whilst preparing this one, unless they are already in effect (such as Stealth). The target must be struck successfully on the head or chest location with a one-handed weapon with “Assassinate” being called or whispered upon success. Assassinate penetrates Light and Heavy Armour but does not go through Mage Armour. 

It is recommended that a ref be present and watching before this skill is used against other player characters. Upon an uncontested whisper of “Assassinate” the targeted character must drop to 0 Hit Points on the relevant Head or Chest Location and begin Dying, unless another skill negates the Assassinate Skill, such as Defensive Stance, in which case they must call “No Effect”.