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Elementalist Skillset: Metal

For every Elementalist Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Affinity Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

(Dark Grey/Silver Spell Balls)

Magnetise (Touch) The character must make their relevant spell vocals in order to summon a magnetic aura. Within 3 minutes of the magnetise spell vocals, the character can call “Magnetise: disarm” in response to any weapon after that weapon has landed a hit upon them. Magnetise can be used in non-combat scenarios to attract metal objects to one another. Both objects must be visibly made of metal or have metal components, and the objects must be of 2 or lower weight value. Magnetise will be cancelled and the spell charge used if 3 minutes elapses or the user tries to cast any other spells. 

Shatter – (once per day only) (Touch) The caster can make the relevant spell vocals and then may call “Shatter” on ONE weapon they have parried with a weapon or has damaged them immediately after it makes contact. The “Shatter” call must be made within 3 minutes of the initial spell vocal, otherwise the spell charge is expended. The caster must still take damage as appropriate. The Shattered item must be dropped, discarded or temporarily removed from play. Shattered items may be repaired by the spell “Mend” or the “Craft” Skill. Any magic item that has been shattered permanently loses its magical effect, unless the object effect states otherwise. (Note: Do not catch weapons with your hands under any circumstances.)

Metal (Thrown, Infused or Touch based) After making the necessary spell vocals or performance, the spell can be cast one of 3 ways;

  • Thrown – The caster must use a thrown spell ball to cast their spell. The caster must be at least 3m away from their target. Upon a successful hit of any bodily location, the caster may call “Metalstrike.” The target will be dealt 1 point of Metal damage to every location and be knocked prone. 
  • Touch – The caster must make the necessary spell performances or vocals, and within 30 seconds Touch the target on their head or chest. Upon a successful contact, the caster may call “Metalstrike.” The target will be dealt 1 point of Metal damage to every location and be knocked prone. 
  • Infused – The caster may infuse a weapon with the spell. The next hit from that weapon will do “Metal” damage and deal one hit per location, plus an additional -1HP to the location struck upon the target creature (though it is not knocked prone). The weapon does not need to be wielded by the caster. A weapon cannot hold the charge longer than 3 minutes, and cannot hold multiple charges of the Metal spell. The caster may give the weapon user their spell ball to represent the element within their weapon, which must be dropped once the spell is used. If the weapon is parried the spell is expended without damage.

Paralyse (Touch) upon successful spell delivery, the Targeted Character may not move, but may still communicate and is aware of their surroundings. The player will still take the effects of ‘Strike’ skills, but must remain paralysed after falling safely prone should the effects have not worn off. Should the player fall unconscious whilst paralysed, they will stay in their paralysed position and begin their death count. Players afflicted with this condition cannot be healed until it is cured or the Paralysis runs out. Standard Paralysis lasts for 20 seconds, and will persist during death count.