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Taskmaster Skillset: Trapper

For every Taskmaster Expert Skillset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Physique Skill (See Stacked Abilities)

Pick LocksTwice per day using relevant tools and Roleplay, the player can pick or dismantle locks. The amount of time taken to pick a lock will reflect how difficult the lock is to pick. Ref presence is needed whilst lockpicking. 

Lure Four times per day, a Trapper may lure a creature by placing a lure token on a target and placing another lure token on the area, object or creature they want the target drawn to. Ref presence is needed for the Lure to take place. Lure may work better if the “Lure” used is appealing or necessary to the target. Food tokens may be used to further entice creatures. Items the Trapper wishes to use as part of the Lure must be handed to the Ref before Lure roleplay commences. Both Lure tokens must be placed within 3 minutes of one another.

Lock and Trap This allows for the specialist creation or dismantling of traps and locks – using an hour of relevant crafting roleplay once per day, a character can make or disassemble roughshod traps or locks in order to ensnare creatures. The player will know of trap making techniques unique to their Land or Race which will be given to you in your player Primer. A Ref must be present or informed at the beginning and end of all trapmaking processes. The character can also use this time to experiment with new trap techniques. If Trapmaking or dismantling time is interrupted before completion, it may be restarted again within 15 minutes, or abandoned if a time longer than 15 minutes elapses. 

The player may set a trap once per day. Setting Traps requires 10 minutes of adequate roleplay and a Trap lammie, with a relevant physrep. Please inform a Ref of the location and type of any placed traps or locks on the hunting field. The player may then return to the trap after an hour to see what they have caught. The Player may be able to force an encounter with specific creatures if they have tailored the trap correctly, otherwise they have a random chance of catching something in the wilds. Outcomes can be altered via quality of roleplay. The trap used has a chance of being broken each time it is used.