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Character Progression

A player may invest their in-character time and their downtime in order to learn new skills or spells which will advance and enrich their character. A Character’s learning must always be started In-Character at an event but can progress in a number of ways. Strengths and Weaknesses can be gained solely through Character Generation and roleplay, but skills can be learned via training and downtime. 

Learning Progress must be tracked on a Character Advancement form, which can be acquired from GOD. Characters can break up their learning into small bitesize chunks, but each learning session must begin in the sight of an informed referee. Please note on the form how much time was spent and what roleplay was completed. 

A character must:

  • Begin learning Skills or spells during time-in and within sight of a referee. Roleplay must be recorded and relevant, good roleplay will be rewarded where possible. If any help is needed developing fulfilling and relevant roleplay to advance a character, please ask at GOD. 
  • Have an Instructor with the relevant apprentice skill in order to learn that Apprentice skill. They only need to start their training with an Instructor and may learn alone afterwards.
  • Have at least one Apprentice Skill or Spell from the same Skill Pool as any Expert Skills they are trying to learn. 
  • Learn Expert Skills in a single Expert Skillset in the order they are listed in the rulebook (except in mitigating roleplay circumstances, such as rituals, research etc). For example, A Restorationist must learn ‘Heal Wounds’ before they can learn ‘Mend.’ They must learn ‘Heal Wounds’ AND ‘Mend’ before they can learn ‘Dissipate’ and so-on. 
  • Learn ONE skill at a time. 

A character may:

    • Enlist help: Characters may ask for help from another character or NPC with the instruct ability who possesses the exact skill from the correct skill pool that they are trying to learn. The Instructor must also participate in roleplay showing them teaching technique, theory and knowledge regarding the relevant skill. You can have multiple instructors for the same skill.
    • Enlist Magic: Ritually acquiring a Skill or Spell, or via blessings etc can help speed up the process of learning that advancement permanently. 
    • Use Props and Learning Devices: These will enhance roleplay and generally help speed up the learning of advancements.
    • Enhance a Skill: By focussing on improving a specific skill or spell rather than learning a new one, the character may gain specialist knowledge beyond the normal scope of Character Generation. For example, a Hypnotist may wish to learn an advanced Command spell that grants them a 2-word Command of a creature instead of the standard 1. For the purposes of Character Legacy, enhancing skills still counts as a single point of character advancement. 
  • Learn stackable skills faster: If they already possess a skill of the same name in another skillset or pool. 
  • Use Practical Learning, Quests and the War Table: training can be applied in a practical context, meaning you can take your education on the road and learn the hard way. Be aware that in-field uses of the skill you are trying to learn are likely to fail before the skill has been officially granted by GOD.
  • Take breaks: you do not have to learn every element of a skill all in one go, and time spent learning is best broken down into smaller lessons. 

Please note: 

  • The further down the path of an expertise a character travels, the harder skills may be to learn. 
  • Generally it will take a character 5+ hours of roleplay to learn one skill under tutelage. It may take longer if you are learning alone, learning a difficult skill or skill advancement, or have experienced any significant character setbacks such as Traumas or curses in the meantime. This may sound like a lot, but Origin encourages you to vary your roleplay and enjoy the process – engaging other characters whilst training and generating good roleplay for others will also allow for faster progress. 
  • GOD will notify the Player once a skill has been learned. This will be at the beginning of an event should the skill have been learned in Downtime.