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Hierophant Skillset: Hypnotist

For every Hierophant Expert Spellset purchased, the character gains a stack of the Ritual Spell (See Stacked Abilities)

Sleep (Touch) The caster sends their target into a magically induced sleep. The target can be woken up via the use of any damaging skill, spell, or the spells “Drench” or “Pain.” If undisturbed, the sleeper will be unconscious for 3 minutes but can choose to sleep longer. Beyond the 3 minute mark, the sleep is non magical and the creature can be woken up without use of a skill or spell. 

Pain (Touch) The caster is afflicting the illusion of intense pain on the character, of which they are the source. The player must roleplay intense agony, whilst trying to crawl, stagger or limp away from the caster. They can defend or weakly parry, but will be in too much pain to speak, attack, cast or use items. Pain lasts for 20 seconds and is non-damaging. 

Forget (Touch) Upon successful casting of the Forget spell, the Hypnotist can force a creature to forget a specific 10 minute period from the same day as the spell is being cast in. They must describe the period they wish the target to Forget. The target must then act as though they have forgotten that information, including the casting of the spell, until they wake up the following day. 

Command (Touch) The Hypnotist, upon successful casting of the Command spell, is allowed to issue a one word command that the target must obey for 20 seconds. The command cannot be the name of another spell or skill, and must be something that the character or NPC is able to logically achieve. The general rule is that the command must be an action (verb), and cannot be conceptual in nature, such as “Chill”. Commands that inflict self harm, such as “Suicide” will not work. It does not affect characters who are Dying or unconscious, including any in the Death Charge state.