a fantasy lrp with a post-apocalyptic twist

You are hoping to join The Guild and have just arrived. Plenty of people bustle about the camps and the Guildhall, there's so much going on! What do you do first?

Congratulations! You are a Guildmember, but you're still green about the ears. You're going on a hunt with other novices, led by one of the Huntmasters. Where do you stand in this hunting party?

The Huntmaster quietens you all as you approach a solitary beast asleep just in the mouth of a cave - your target! He isn't certain it's alone, however, and sends out scouts to investigate. Where are you?

The scouts return, thankfully the beast appears to be the only one. The Huntmaster clears you to proceed, he will wait and examine how you work together to take down the beast. What do you do?

You quickly learn that this creature is covered in thick plates along its back. Blades skim off harmlessly. What do you do?

With a devestating blow to the creature's underside, you successfully kill the beast! The Huntmaster is impressed, and urges you to quickly harvest what you need before other creatures smell the carcass. What do you collect?

You return victorious to the camp after the hunt. The Huntmaster dismisses you for the night. How do you spend your evening?