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Origin LRP Test Event Player Ticket


Origin LRP Test Event Player Ticket

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Seers, Wisemen, and messengers are getting signals of distress radiating from one place – the call speaks of Haven – a land of treasure, buried monuments, a plant-rich environment, convenient wells of magic, and giant beasts.
Better yet, rumour has it that the miasma that infects the lands is scarce here. The signal comes from an infamous name – Yasha, the Beggar Queen, and her band of vagabonds.
You (the player) have been tasked with reaching Haven, discovering the land around it, and finding out what is left of Yasha and her crew – but other Tribes are on the move, and word of something called “the War Guild” lurks low nearby.
Welcome to the Pre-Alpha event for Origin LRP!
This will be a small, CLOSED event for a maximum of 50 people. We will be testing the first iteration of the game and exploring how we can improve the concept.
The characters you create will be able to be ported into the final version of the game, but you are also able to change your character throughout the testing process.
Hope to see you there!
(Tickets sold from previous event will roll over)
Dates: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th September 2021
Location: Treetops, Kings Drive, West Sussex, GU29 0BJ
Age: 18+
Camping will be included in your ticket, but there will be some additional indoor accommodation that will be available at an extra cost.
All available accommodations are double beds (5 rooms available for private bathroom, 4 for shared bathrooms). Those with special requirements will be given first priority on accommodations, and the rest will be first come first serve.

Abalus Vastitas, Darkmyre, Jade Mountains, Kingsvalley, Liore, Nvordmyr, Rajaphit, Roadweavers, Tir Tairngire